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Interested in Volunteering? Yes, you can make a difference!

Corporate Volunteer:older man helping child plant garden
You or your organization may sponsor an activity to help our children. Some examples are a food and toy drive for the holidays; a painting or planting project, a sports day, or read in at our after school centers.

We’ll work with you to arrange something that is meaningful for you and the children.

For more information, please contact Patricia Staffiero, 914-422-1378, x2125; or via email at


Adult Volunteer Opportunities:
There are many ways adults can volunteer with the White Plains Youth Bureau. Whether you have one hour per month or several hours each week; whether your skills and interests are clerical or direct youth involvement, we'd love to have your energy, support and volunteer hours. Contact Nicolette Johnson at 914-422-1378, x 2106, or email her at

Be A Mentor:
2015 Mentors at City HallEstablish a long-term one-on-one relationship with a youth who is in need of a role model, friend and caring adult. Share your world with a youngster by taking him to a baseball game, bringing him to a family cookout, helping him write a poem or taking him fishing for the first time. You might encourage him to aim for college, introduce him to the world of work or listen to his dreams, his hopes and his fears. Minimum age for a mentor is 21.

You would be matched with youth between the ages of 7 and 18. You will give a youngster the opportunity to establish a meaningful friendship. The focus of the relationship may be social, educational or career-oriented. Matches are made based on common interests, compatibility, geographic proximity, and youth needs.

Some participants in The Young MENtoring Group:p-MENtoring Group

Seated: Kareem Washington, Johnson Edouard, Jason Young.  Standing: Levar Wright, Jean Joseph, Narado Burrell, Quentin Martin, Tony Martinez, Hassan Washington, Stephen Dorsainvil, Adrien Merveille, Ahmad Warren, and Wilson Moronta.

Our mentors are expected to:
- Meet with your mentee for a minimum of 8 hours per month
- Be a role model and positive influence
- Be respectful of each youth’s life experience
- Set and enforce clear limits
- Relate to youth from different backgrounds
- Be patient and able to deal with challenges
- Have a sense of humor.

Requirement: Background Checks

For more information on becoming a mentor please contact Sheila Foley at 914-422-1378, x2128 or via email at

*To learn more about mentoring, please visit:



The City of White Plains Youth Bureau celebrates mentors during National Mentoring Month

mentors at City Hall Jan. 2016

The City of White Plains Youth Bureau celebrated National Mentoring Month with a ceremony in the White Plains Common Council Chambers located at City Hall, 255 Main Street on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 6 p.m.

National Mentoring Month is a national celebration of mentoring programs proclaimed by President Barack Obama.  President Obama has stated that “we need to give every child, no matter what they look like, where they live – the chance to reach their full potential – a mentor can help a child succeed.”   Mayor Thomas Roach states “Mentoring Works - children who grow up with a positive adult in their life are far more likely to do well in school and out school than those who don’t.”

The White Plains Youth Bureau Executive Director, Frank Williams, and the Program Supervisor, Sheila Foley, were on hand to thank each mentor for their contribution and support giving children hope and inspiration helping them to develop pathways for success.

Established in 1988, The City of White Plains Youth Bureau’s Mentoring Program has a long- standing tradition of matching hundreds of youths between the ages of 7 - 18 with caring adults that help unlock their full potential, achieve their dreams and strengthen their community. The Mentoring Programs has served as a model for statewide initiative with approximately 40 active mentors dedicating a minimum of eight (8) mentoring hours per month.



Diana Medina, above, is a Youth Bureau Mentoring Program student.
Read about her scientific work by viewing the White Plains Daily Voice article.