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The Youth Bureau is conveniently located on the Amherst Place side of Eastview Middle School. Amherst Place is between Main Street (at the intersection of Canfield Avenue) and Franklin Avenue. Street parking is available.

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Phone extensions & email addresses for:

Frank Williams, Jr., Executive Director
914-422-1378, ext. 6702,

Nicolette Johnson, Business Assistant
914-422-1378, ext. 6710,

Agnes Kadavil, Bookkeeper
914-422-1378, ext. 6712,

Laura Montoya, Office Assistant
914-422-1378, ext 6714,

Neighborhood Services
Adrienne Rivers
914-422-1378, ext. 6716,

Project Hope
Bhavana Pahwa
914-422-1378, ext. 6715,


After School Connection
After School Program Registration hours: Monday – Friday 10 am - 6 pm

Martin Rudow
914-422-1378, ext. 6717,

Sherry Bannister
914-422-1378, ext. 6706,

Byron Smalls
914-422-1378, ext. 6720,

Leadership & Counseling (Alternatives)
Raymond Tribble
914-422-1378, ext. 6723,

Larry Armstrong
914-422-1378, ext. 6725,

Catherine Backes
914-422-1378, ext. 6705,

Sheila Foley
914-422-1378, ext. 6709,

Youth Employment Services
Patricia Staffiero
914-422-1378, ext. 6722,

Hilary Blackman

Chima Monday
Dept. of Labor, 914-995-8629,

Janet Spencer
914-422-1378, ext. 6721,