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Memories of the 2018 Harlem Fine Arts Show


LoHud meets with grandparents

March 29, 2018 Frank Williams and other grandfathers speak with the Journal News about being a grandfather.

>> Click here to hear what they say.


LET'S GET READY … SAT and College Preparation

This 9 week Summer Program, designed for White Plains students, is administered by Let’s Get Ready (LGR) and provides intensive SAT preparation and assistance with all aspects of the college admissions process. Please visit the LGR website (www.letsgetready.org) for additional program information and enrollment criteria. Applications for coaches and students will be available on the Website in May.

Age Group: rising 11th and 12 graders

Date: Tuesday & Thursday, mid-June through August 2018, 5:45pm – 9:00pm

Location: TBD

Contact: Jason Roberts, jaroberts1216@yahoo.com or register at http://letsgetready.org/signup/


Mayor Roach meets with Keeper of the Dream Youth about the issue of gun violence

Mayor meets with Keeper of the Dream Youth


March 7 --- Outgoing Youth Board Chairwoman Nadine Hunt Robinson honored by the Mayor’s Youth Board for Leadership and Outstanding Service to White Plains Youth.

Outgoing Chairwoman receives award

Frank Williams, Jr. with Outgoing Chairwoman Nadine Hunt-Robinson and Incoming Chairman Justin Brasch with Ms. Hunt-Robinson.