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Tues, Feb 12 at Crowne Plaza Hotel: White Plains Youth Bureau Youth attend Westchester-Putnam Youth Summit 

Attendees at the Westchester-Putnam Youth Summit

Youth of the Year, Michael Hunter with Mayor Roach

Jan. 3, 2017: Michael Hunter, Youth of the Year 2016, receiving his award and recognition from Mayor Thomas Roach.

Michael Hunter is a sophomore at White Plains High School. Michael is active in sports at White Plains High School including football, soccer and track and field. He is an academic scholar and has received high honors since elementary school and now continues in High School.

Michael was selected in 6th grade to go on a trip to China with Pritchard Doggett Clark Foundation as a result of getting high grades. He explained that it was the best experience in his life. Michael then went to Beijing and Shanghai during spring break. The trip was helpful as it broadened his exposure to other cultures.

Michael was a part of the Youth Bureau’s Saturday Academy program. His other community involvements include:

  • He volunteers at the White Plains Hospital and the White Plains Library. 
  • Member of the White Plains Youth Bureau’s Youth Court
  • Member of the Toastmasters Program
  • Member of the Westchester Children’s Association Teen Leadership Advocacy group
  • Model United Nations Club at White Plains High School

Michael has also participated Becknell University Sleep Away Engineering Camp and is an advocate for the New York State Raise the Age Campaign. 

Michael has been accepted into a rigorous college course called Science Research program.  This experience has allowed him to learn what it was like to be a college student taking college course and to be a research student. While very challenging, it was rewarding.

Michael finds volunteering and helping others to be a part of who he is. 

Saturday, Sept. 24:

Clubmen at the Capital 2016Twenty-three White Plains Higher Aims Clubmen students visited the White House and US Capitol on Saturday, Sept. 24. The Clubmen Higher Aims program is a youth development, academic assistance and career readiness program sponsored in part by the City of White Plains Youth Bureau, Westchester Clubmen Foundation, Westchester County Youth Bureau and the White Plains School District. The program provides 40 young men, 7th through 12th grade, with services designed to help them graduate from high school and pursue college. The Clubmen Higher Aims program has a 100% success rate for nine consecutive years of students graduating White Plains High School and enrolling in college.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the White House while President Barrack Obama was in Office along with the US Capitol.  The students enjoyed their visit to the White House and even saw the President’s Motor Cage entering and leaving the White House. They stood in line with actor, Jamal Warner. They enjoyed the US Capitol, its history, the artifacts and the paintings. They also visited several museums. They received praise and comments from visitors visiting Washington D.C. about how wonderful they looked and asking where they were from.

Parent Nicola Standard commented that “Barack Obama, an African American man, has been the President of the United States for as long as my son Stuart has been in school. This has provided him with a very tangible role model that he can be anything he wants to be, even the president of the United States. The opportunity to visit the White House now, with the Clubmen Higher Aims program during his presidency is a dream beyond words and my son enjoyed the opportunity.”

Timothy DuBois, 9th grader, stated that “the opportunity to visit the White House while President Barack Obama is in office was a very important opportunity. It was a great learning experience. I got a chance to see inside the official residence of the President. I also got a chance to speak to Secret Service staff. This experience was very important to me because we never know when we will have another African-American President. This is why it was important not to have passed up a chance to have visited the White House.”

Christopher Latimer, 8th grader commented that “last year I went with the Clubmen to visit Washington, D.C. and stood outside beyond the fence. Going back meant so much to me because I always looked up to President Barack Obama because he is the first African American president and I’m excited to walk the same halls he has. On November 1, 1800, the construction of the White House was completed by slaves and immigrants. Seven Presidents owned slaves while serving their terms.  As an African American male knowing how they treated slaves/my ancestors, it was such an honor to visit the White House. Thanks everyone for this tremendous opportunity.”



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