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Free Counseling

Free counseling is provided by licensed clinical social workers covering a full array of topics and issues. Parenting programs offered throughout the year for groups and individuals. Counseling services are provided for our Spanish speaking clients by our bi-lingual counselor.

We also also offer Parenting Wisely Programs.

Counseling is provided Monday – Friday, 5pm – 8 pm at the White Plains Youth Bureau.

Contact Dr. Bhavana Pahwa or inquire in-person at the Youth Bureau.

Applications are not available online.

Grandpas United

The mission of Grandpas United is to give back to our White Plains community, connecting with and enriching the lives of White Plains youth aged 5-21. This intergenerational program provides informal group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring, ongoing activities and special events. Grandpas United also creates an environment to support Grandpas by sharing with one another their talents, skills and experiences to maintain their dignity, self-respect and self-worth.

Youth Court – Ongoing one-on-one mentoring. Monthly meetings with student leaders.
Grandpas Go To School – Elementary School monthly program
Coffee With Grandpas – monthly Grandpas meeting for community engagement and peer support.
Grandpas Go to Camp – annual visit to White Plains Summer Camp programs with entertainment.
Grandpas Got Talent – annual intergenerational talent showcase with White Plains high schoolers.

No. Participation is voluntary.

Youth do not need to apply.

Applications for Grandpas are available at the Youth Bureau.

Application forms are not available online at this time.

Grandpa's United Event

White Plains Youth Bureau Mentor Program

This is a community based Mentor Program. Mentors and mentees decide when and where they want to meet.

There is no fee for this program. Mentors are all volunteers.

Mentors have to complete the application process which includes an interview and background screening.

Mentees also have an application to complete as well as an interview.

Mentors have to be able to commit to meet with their mentee for about an hour and a half a week. Mentees have to be available and willing to meet with their mentor as well as participate in planning activities.

This a volunteer program. Participation is voluntary.

Applications are not available online. To register, contact Sheila Foley at 914-422-1378.

Through a phone interview, it will be determined if the program is appropriate for those interested. If it is, an application will be emailed or mailed out to the applicants (mentor and mentee).

Social Justice for Youth Program: Youth Court & Peer Advocacy

SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR YOUTHA real court run by trained high school youth who process real low level crime cases – peer court.

Varies Training for youth court officers in the summer – July/August.

Must be a White Plains resident. Youth Court leaders may be 9th or 10th graders.

Peer Advocacy – Girls only, ages 20-30 years old.

Peer Advocates only: $1,500 stipend per client served.

Youth Court leaders: Volunteers only; will receive community service credit.

Submit a written application. Registration form can be downloaded from this page.

Funded By

Fatherhood Initiative

The White Plains Youth Bureau’s Fatherhood initiative encourages and supports fathers to play an active part in the positive development of their children. 

Varies. Please check calendar for updates and sign u for email updates.

Contact Mr. Frank Williams or inquire in-person at the Youth Bureau.

Applications are not available online.

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