50+ Faces – 50 Stories from our 50th Anniversary celebrants

Delphine T. Burton

Delphine T. BurtonDelphine Burton was raised in White Plains, NY and is a proud product of the White Plains Public School system. While attending White Plains Public Schools, Delphine participated in programs offered by the White Plains Youth Bureau. For instance, Delphine received summer employment opportunities through the WPYB – Youth Employment Service Program. She was employed as a Youth Supervisor for two years with the Greening Project!

Delphine also participated in the Youth Council Program and served as the first youth Co-President. In addition, while attending college, Delphine had the opportunity to complete her required third year, second semester internship with the Youth Bureau. During that experience, she learned about the process, the policies and the procedures involved in creating and developing youth programs.

Participation in WPYB programs also led to other leadership opportunities within the White Plains community, such as the opportunity to serve as one of the first youth board members of the Thomas H. Slater Center Community Center. Still using those leadership skills, Delphine is the CEO and Founder of Del’s World Incorporated, a 501c3 community-based nonprofit, dedicated to helping individuals strive for knowledge and excellence, one step and one day at a time. Delphine is also employed at the College of Westchester in White Plains, New York.

Delphine gives thanks and credits the White Plains Youth Bureau programs as the foundation that helped shape and mold her path.

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