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The White Plains Youth Bureau serves more than 2,000 youth each day and more than 6,500 kids each year.

The Youth Bureau offers a wide variety of youth development programming to support the growth of every young person in White Plains.

The work of the Youth Bureau is to support every young person in White Plains to reach their potential and have caring adults to serve as role models.

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91% of Let’s Get Ready participants took the Fall SAT and increased their score by an average of 76 points. 

285 youth were employed for the Summer of 2010 with a retention rate of 94%.

100% of the Clubmen Higher Aims students have graduated White Plains High School and gone on to college the last seven years.

85% of participants in the Youth On Stage Performing Arts program showed increased confidence in theatrical and creative expression and skills.

100% of participants of the Great Potential and Reach for Success program were promoted to the next grade level.

73% of participants of the Westchester Workforce Development Academy for Youth Out-of-School program secured permanent employment.

80% of campers in the Bits & Pieces Summer Tutorial program showed improvement in reading comprehension after six weeks at camp.

92% of participants in the Fitness For Life program reported improved self-management skills.

90% of Youth Council members performed community service and demonstrated greater leadership skills.