50+ Faces – 50 Stories from our 50th Anniversary celebrants

Kiana Sterling

Kiana SterlingKiana Sterling was born and raised in White Plains, NY. She was a member of the Great Potential Program under the leadership of Sheila Foley from the White Plains Youth Bureau. This program promoted positive learning and encouraged Kiana to excel academically. In school, she consistently made honor roll and was rewarded by the Great Potential program each time with nice dinners and fun trips. While in high school, Kiana was a part of the Inroads Program which gave her the opportunity to do two summer internships with one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the nation, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

After graduating from White Plains High School, Kiana attended LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA. Her major was Marketing with a Health Care Administration minor. Kiana graduated from LaSalle in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Upon graduating from college, Kiana relocated to Queens, NY where she began her career as a pharmaceutical sales rep with Teva Pharmaceuticals. She has remained working in this same field for 14 years now and has had great success. Kiana has received numerous promotions and is a two time President’s Club winner which is the top sales award.

When not engaging in extra curricular activities with her son, she enjoys traveling, being involved with her church, and giving back to the community. Kiana is a fund administrator for the Jason Pryce Scholarship, where deserving high school seniors are awarded $2,500 each year to help with their college expenses. Kiana is very proud of this fund especially since scholarships have been given to students who graduated from her alma mater, White Plains High School.

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