50+ Faces – 50 Stories from our 50th Anniversary celebrants

Malachi Vincent

Malachi VincentMalachi moved to White Plains during his elementary school years. After graduating from White Plains High School, he attended Berkley College of Music in which he founded a startup called Baseloft, aimed at connecting local music communities. He later went on to graduate from Seminary and Lancaster Bible College with a dual degree in Bible Studies and Business Administration. The White Plains Youth Bureau played an instrumental role in his development as a young man, from honing his musical talent in Club Excel during his middle school years and expanding his love and knowledge of business through the mentorship in the Clubmen program during high school.

Malachi currently resides in Silicon Valley and works in Product Development at Facebook. At the core of all Malachi is and does, he is first a believer in Jesus Christ. He is currently a Pastor and Elder at We are Church in East Palo Alto, and loves his wife, son and congregation deeply. Through God’s direction, together he and his church serve the community of East Palo Alto through evangelism, food distribution and providing for the daily needs that arise in the community. He is also a member of the Board for Crazy Love, a Christian non-profit that serves global and local needs with the aim of helping people see, hear, understand and respond to God’s amazing love for us.

Malachi shares his deepest thanks to Frank Williams and the Youth Bureau for the impact it has had on his life and countless others.

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