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BEFORE SCHOOL program applications now available:

After School Connection

Every full school day, September through June End of school day till 6 pm (extended hours till 6:30 pm for additional fee)

Locations: Church St., George Washington, Mamaroneck Ave. Post Road and Ridgeway elementary schools; Highlands and Eastview middle school campuses; Thomas Slater Center

Monthly Fees- School Year 2022-2023
Full – $384.00
Scholarship – $231.00
Extended Day  $50.00 (additional)
Late Fee – $20.00
Vacation Camps – $285.00
NEW SIBLING DISCOUNT for FULL Fee paying Parents!
1st Child =  $384.00
2nd Child = $288.00
3rd Child = $268.80

Family must reside in White Plains. Must complete a registration form, and provide an up to date copy of child’s immunization record and physical exam at time of registration.

To apply for scholarship, must furnish copy of most recent year’s federal 1040 tax form.

Registration forms can be downloaded from this page.

Completed registration forms along with child’s immunization record and physical should be brought to the After School Connection office at the White Plains Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place, White Plains, between the hours (school year) of 10 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

For further information, call the After School Connection (ASC) office at 914-422-1378.

After School Connection


The After School Connection Program is currently at full capacity for ALL elementary school sites. Parents may submit their registration form(s) to be placed on our waitlist. Forms must be submitted in person and placed in the drop box. Once received, an after school staff member will contact parents with a waitlist number. 

Aviation Academy

Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays at the White Plains Youth Bureau.

Must be a White Plains resident and view 3 Youtube videos prior to visit. Call to make an appointment.

An application must be requested. Applications are not available online.

Aviation Academy

Clubmen Higher Aims

An after school program designed to help Middle through High School African-American and Latino male students achieve academic excellence and develop key life skills required to succeed. This is accomplished by providing academic support, mentoring and exposure to cultural, social, and leadership experiences.

Middle School: Monday through Friday from 2:45 – 5:45 PM at Highlands

High School: Monday through Thursday from 2:45 – 5:45 PM at White Plains High School

No fees are required for regular daily activities. Nominal fees may apply for some of the field trips.

Must be African-American or Latino Middle or High School male student. Must strive for excellence and maintain high academic standards and regular attendance. Must maintain a minimum grade point average of “C.” Strive to achieve honor roll status. Participate in group activities. Wear a shirt and tie on designated day(s). Learn to play the game of chess. Commit to program through 12th grade.

At this time applications for this program are through referral only. Space is limited.

Fusion Dance

Tuesday 6:30 pm. to 7:30 pm at the Community Center

Saturday 2:30-3:30 pm at the Community Center

The program will charge $50 per year per student. Family discounts can be arranged.

Fusion dancers must have previous dance experience. Auditions are required.

Applications are available at the Youth Bureau or downloaded from this page.

Auditions will be held the first class. If students are not qualified for Fusion they will be placed, if interested, in the Evolution Hip Hop class which meets Monday evenings at 7:15 at the Steffi Nossen Studio at the Westchester Conservatory on Central Park Avenue.

Grandpas United

The mission of Grandpas UnitedTM is to give back to our White Plains community, connecting with and enriching the lives of White Plains youth aged 5-21. This intergenerational program provides informal group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring, ongoing activities and special events. Grandpas United also creates an environment to support Grandpas by sharing with one another their talents, skills and experiences to maintain their dignity, self-respect and self-worth.Grandpas UnitedTM 

Youth Court – Ongoing one-on-one mentoring. Monthly meetings with student leaders.
Grandpas Go To School – Elementary School monthly program
Coffee With Grandpas – monthly Grandpas meeting for community engagement and peer support.
Grandpas Go to Camp – annual visit to White Plains Summer Camp programs with entertainment.
Grandpas Got Talent – annual intergenerational talent showcase with White Plains high schoolers.

No. Participation is voluntary.

Youth do not need to apply.

Applications for Grandpas are available at the Youth Bureau.

Application forms are not available online at this time.

THE WORD #4 - Official News letter for Grandpas UnitedTM  3

Grandpa's United Event

Great Potential Program - White Plains Middle School

We currently meet on Wednesdays when there is no early release from school from 2:35 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. at Highlands Middle School in Room 102.

Students are typically referred by the sixth or seventh grade guidance counselors. Sometimes they are also recruited by the group leader. Students are typically referred to this program if someone believes they can benefit from being connected to a positive, active program. They should be able to benefit from belonging to our group and being exposed to different activities and community service. Students may be struggling with behavior, school, family issues, or may just be quiet or outgoing and can benefit from being involved. Once students start in middle school they automatically continue on to the high school program at White Plains High School. Oftentimes, students are in the program for 6 years.

No. Participation is voluntary.

If a student has not been referred by their school, they can contact Sheila Foley, 914-422-1378,, to get more information about the program. There is an application that gets completed by the parent if the child is appropriate for the program.

Applications are not available online.

Growing White Plains

A community agriculture project through which volunteers from White Plains and surrounding communities grow vegetables and herbs to be donated to the Ecumenical Emergency Food Pantry and other organizations helping to meet the food needs of residents of the City in need. Participants also learn about organic gardening and share healthy outdoor activity with friends and family.

Program operates during the garden growing season, from February through November at two community garden sites, on the grounds of New York Presbyterian Hospital near the Bryant Ave. gate, and at the Bethel Community Garden, corner of Prospect St. and Sterling Ave. There is also a greenhouse located behind the Ebersole Ice Rink.

To participate, register as a member of Growing White Plains by filling out a brief registration form and adding your name and e-mail address to the distribution list so we can let you know when garden activities take place. Volunteers are free to visit or work in the garden at any time it is convenient for them.

There is no charge for participation in Growing White Plains

A willing hand and heart. Registration for the program by filling out a brief registration form

No. This is a volunteer program. Participation is voluntary.

 At this time applications for this program are available only at the Youth Bureau.

Register by calling the White Plains Youth Bureau: (914) 422-1378 to obtain a registration form and add your name and e-mail address to the program e-mail list.

Greening Project

Healthy & Fit for Life Program

This program offers 3 components: Boxing – for ages 12 – 21 Karate – for elementary grades Personal training – ages 10 – 21 (younger children need to be assessed by coach and Program Director).

Free counseling is available for ages 6-21 and families.

Open Gym available Monday – Friday.

Personal Training: Mon/ Tues / Wed/ Thursday 3:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Boxing: Mon/ Tues / Wed/ Thursday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
*Karate: (BEGINNERS) Wednesday and Friday  4:00 – 5:00; 
(ADVANCED) Wednesday and Friday  5:00 – 6:00; 

*Karate is taught by the BUSHIDO SCHOOL OF KARATE 

This program is FREE. Students are responsible for supplying personal equipment such as shin guards, mouth guards etc – and uniforms – list will be provided

No. Participation is voluntary.

Applications are available at the Youth Bureau or downloaded from this page.

Complete registration form signed by parent (parent signature required for youth under 18 years only). Students 18 and older must present a valid ID. 

Healthy & Fit for Life

White Plains Youth Bureau Mentor Program

This is a community based Mentor Program. Mentors and mentees decide when and where they want to meet.

There is no fee for this program. Mentors are all volunteers.

Mentors have to complete the application process which includes an interview and background screening.

Mentees also have an application to complete as well as an interview.

Mentors have to be able to commit to meet with their mentee for about an hour and a half a week. Mentees have to be available and willing to meet with their mentor as well as participate in planning activities.

This a volunteer program. Participation is voluntary.

Applications are not available online. To register, contact Sheila Foley at 914-422-1378.

Through a phone interview, it will be determined if the program is appropriate for those interested. If it is, an application will be emailed or mailed out to the applicants (mentor and mentee).

My Brother's Keeper

To find out more about My Brother’s Keeper download our 13 page brochure.

The MBK program is offered at various locations and times depending on the activity. Please sign up for our email to receive up to date information.

Call the Program Director – Ray Tribble at 914-422-1378 for information on how you (your child) can participate. 

Real G.I.R.L.S. Academy


The Real Girls Academy offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and life skills training through instruction to the participants of the program that will meet for 25 Saturdays.  The aim of the program is to help the girls develop their interest in STEM, connect them with women who are successful, help them to develop competencies, skills and academic knowledge to pursue careers in high paying jobs and to teach them the core values, such as respect and integrity. Please Note: White Plains School District students are nominated by their school principal.

25 Saturdays during the school year starting in October: 10:00am – 2:00pm

This is a FREE program for eligible participants.

Students and parents MUST be committed to regular attendance. Parents must be required to support student’s academic, social, and emotional growth in partnership with the program coordinators. Students may be the first in their family to graduate high school or attend college. Student must demonstrate potential to achieve growth & excellence with support. Students in grades 5th – 12th may be accepted.

Youth are registered in cooperation with the White Plains School District. Parents who are interested in enrolling their child should contact their school counselor or Principal.

Real GIRLS Academy

Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy for Boys logoThe Saturday Academy is a program of leadership development, academic, cultural and social enrichment for African American and Latino male students in White Plains in grades 4ththrough 8th.  Students enter the program in the 4thgrade and may continue through graduation in the 8thgrade. 

Please Note: White Plains School District students are nominated by their school principal.

Saturdays from October through May.

Registration form can be  downloaded from this page.

Completed registration forms should be returned to the White Plains Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place, White Plains, between the hours (school year) of 10 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Social Justice for Youth Program: Youth Court & Peer Advocacy

SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR YOUTHA real court run by trained high school youth who process real low level crime cases – peer court.

Varies Training for youth court officers in the summer – July/August.

Must be a White Plains resident. Youth Court leaders may be 9th or 10th graders.

Peer Advocacy – Girls only, ages 20-30 years old.

Peer Advocates only: $1,500 stipend per client served.

Youth Court leaders: Volunteers only; will receive community service credit.

Submit a written application. Registration form can be downloaded from this page.

Funded By

Step Up! for Boys

STEP UP! is a program that provides case management, counseling, and personal enrichment opportunities to young men who are struggling and potentially vulnerable to academic failure, future unemployment, family problems, and negative police interaction.

Monday – Friday during after school and late evening hours until 8pm.

This is a FREE program for eligible participants.

Program is open to all High School Boys. 

Regular attendance and participation in groups, trips, and social activities.

Registration process is in person Monday – Thursday between 4pm – 7pm by appointment only.

Applications are available at the Youth Bureau and on this page.

Summer garden volunteer internship Program

A six-week program for young people ages 16 years or older to volunteer in White Plains’ community gardens, learning about organic gardening and helping grow food for the needy in White Plains.

Four mornings a week for three hours each day for six weeks, from early July through early to mid August. Participants work at the two White Plains community gardens (at New York Presbyterian Hospital and at Prospect St. and Sterling Ave.) and the greenhouse at Delfino Park.

Some educational trips are also part of the program. Participants meet each morning of the program at the White Plains Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place and travel as a group to the work sites for the day.

Those interested need to fill out a registration form (requires parents’ signatures) which can be obtained at the White Plains Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place, White Plains. For more information, call the Growing White Plains program: 914-422-1378

No. Participation is voluntary.

At this time applications for this program are available only at the Youth Bureau.

Brief interview and registration materials to fill out at the White Plains Youth Bureau; call Growing White Plains, 914-422-1378 for information and registration.

Growing White Plains

Young MENtoring Group

Tuesday evenings from 6 – 8 p.m. at the White Plains Youth Bureau.

Mentors have to be positive adult male role models willing to work in a group setting on Tuesday nights. An application and interview is required.

Mentees are typically recruited from the sixth grade guidance counselors. A few kids are added each year depending on the prior year’s number of graduates. The mentees have to be willing to work in a group setting and be willing to participate in the group process. This is a fun and informal mentoring program. Dinner is served and time is spent playing in the gym at the end of the evening.

No. All participants are volunteers.

At this time applications for this program are available only at the Youth Bureau.

The program supervisor meets with the referred students with the guidance counselor that referred them. At that time students are given the application if they are a good fit for the program.

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