50+ Faces – 50 Stories from our 50th Anniversary celebrants

Monica Michelle Cooper

Monica CooperThe White Plains Youth Bureau was especially instrumental in opening my eyes to how profound community reach can be. Through my experiences there I recognized the importance of helping others and teamwork. This was the foundation for my present-day need to make time to volunteer with groups near to my heart.

Today, as an Entrepreneur it is imperative that my businesses are directly adjacent to non-profit organizations. As an 18-year veteran in the Real Estate Industry, networking is a vital part of my longevity. Armed with this knowledge I began the Brown Eyed Beauties (BEB) organization in 2009 which promotes networking amongst professional women of color. It too offers a space for women to have support and a lent hand while championing for causes that are important to them. As BEB grew, my passion for writing grew along with it and thus spawned Novelista Publishing, LLC, which houses my inaugural and forthcoming second contemporary fiction novels. And while writing is a personal hobby of mine, it was still important that I use it as a vehicle to give back. Because of this, a portion of all book sale proceeds are donated to designated Adult Literacy associations in the New York Metropolitan area.

Empathy and compassion often begin at home, but what happens when you step outside? If you’re lucky, you end up in a place like the White Plains Youth Bureau with a man like Frank Williams who through extended hands and big hearts loves all those who seek path, purpose and hold promise. It means something to us, having a place to look back on and say, “They cared!” My memories and gratitude are boundless.

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