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Leslie D. White

Leslie D. White, born and raised in White Plains began her journey in many of the city’s programs, attending all White Plains Public Schools. Like many others she was afforded the opportunity to gain employment through the Youth Bureau starting at age 14 and continued through college graduation. Her experiences through the Youth Bureau eventually […]

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Judith M. Watson

Judith M. Watson, RN, BSN, MPH ,CEO, Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center Inc. Judith immigrated to the USA from Jamaica West Indies at age 7 and settled in White Plains. After graduating from White Plains High School, she joined the United States Army where she completed a 3 year tour on active duty, stationed on

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Malachi Vincent

Malachi moved to White Plains during his elementary school years. After graduating from White Plains High School, he attended Berkley College of Music in which he founded a startup called Baseloft, aimed at connecting local music communities. He later went on to graduate from Seminary and Lancaster Bible College with a dual degree in Bible

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Robert Tuck

I first became involved with the White Plains Youth Bureau when it was located on the corner of Lexington Avenue and Hamilton Avenue. I participated in a variety of neighborhood youth programs. I was involved with various job readiness programs; the Youth Bureau was a place where I always felt safe and I could always

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Marissa Tuck

The White Plains Youth Bureau was and continues to be a quintessential part of the community. It serves as a gathering spot, where students can have place for comfort and guidance for everyone. I can reflect on my 14th birthday when my parents informed me that I was now of age and could get my

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Abdul Tubman

Abdul Tubman was born in Liberia, the African nation founded by freed slaves, where his great grandfather, President William V.S. Tubman, was the 19th President. Unfortunately they could not stay due to civil war and settled in White Plains, NY where he then learned that his 4th great aunt was Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist, civil

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Laura Sturchio Martin

The White Plains Youth Bureau will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a place that provided me with many opportunities academically, career wise and where I established life long friendships. I joined the Mayor’s Youth Council when I was in junior high school. Through this group we had some of the

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Zelda Strong-Diaz

The White Plains Youth Bureau has been an integral part of my life. I started utilizing the Youth Bureau at 11 years old by going on summer outing using their Neighborhood Services drop-in day camp trips. Once I was able to obtain a summer job, Youth Employment provided me with my first office work experience

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Kiana Sterling

Kiana Sterling was born and raised in White Plains, NY. She was a member of the Great Potential Program under the leadership of Sheila Foley from the White Plains Youth Bureau. This program promoted positive learning and encouraged Kiana to excel academically. In school, she consistently made honor roll and was rewarded by the Great

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Nicole Stansbury

Growing up in White Plains provided me with many opportunities — and one special opportunity was the White Plains Youth Bureau. I started attending the Youth Bureau at eleven years old. It was located a few blocks from my house and one of a very few places my mom would allow me to go. Frank

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