50+ Faces – 50 Stories from our 50th Anniversary celebrants

Leslie D. White

Leslie D. WhiteLeslie D. White, born and raised in White Plains began her journey in many of the city’s programs, attending all White Plains Public Schools. Like many others she was afforded the opportunity to gain employment through the Youth Bureau starting at age 14 and continued through college graduation. Her experiences through the Youth Bureau eventually led her to Binghamton University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry with Honors in Independent Research. From there she received a graduate degree from the University of Florida’s PROTEACH program in Secondary Science Education.

The various summer employment opportunities afforded to her through the Youth Bureau, helped instill a level of professionalism, discipline and ambition that allows her to excel in her current position within the Duval County Public Schools of Jacksonville, FL, where she serves as the Lead Science Teacher at the Leadership Academies of Eugene J. Butler. Leslie recently received the honor of being named a top five finalist for 2020 Duval County Teacher of the Year award. Not only is Leslie a passionate educator she has also put her Biochemistry education to use in her entrepreneurial endeavors. She started her journey as a natural hair care blogger, which led to the founding of her natural hair care line Morning Dew Hair products. Leslie is heavily involved in the community of Jacksonville in programs similar to the ones that opened many doors for her during her teenage years. She credits her success not only to a stable family life and solid faith system but also to the rich variety of programs that she participated in growing up in the City of White Plains.

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