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Aviation Academy

Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays at the White Plains Youth Bureau.

Must be a White Plains resident and view 3 Youtube videos prior to visit. Call to make an appointment.

An application must be requested. Applications are not available online.

Aviation Academy

Fusion Dance

Tuesday 6:30 pm. to 7:30 pm at the Community Center

Saturday 2:30-3:30 pm at the Community Center

The program will charge $50 per year per student. Family discounts can be arranged.

Fusion dancers must have previous dance experience. Auditions are required.

Applications are available at the Youth Bureau or downloaded from this page.

Auditions will be held the first class. If students are not qualified for Fusion they will be placed, if interested, in the Evolution Hip Hop class which meets Monday evenings at 7:15 at the Steffi Nossen Studio at the Westchester Conservatory on Central Park Avenue.

Grandpas United

The mission of Grandpas UnitedTM is to give back to our White Plains community, connecting with and enriching the lives of White Plains youth aged 5-21. This intergenerational program provides informal group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring, ongoing activities and special events. Grandpas United also creates an environment to support Grandpas by sharing with one another their talents, skills and experiences to maintain their dignity, self-respect and self-worth.Grandpas UnitedTM 

Youth Court – Ongoing one-on-one mentoring. Monthly meetings with student leaders.
Grandpas Go To School – Elementary School monthly program
Coffee With Grandpas – monthly Grandpas meeting for community engagement and peer support.
Grandpas Go to Camp – annual visit to White Plains Summer Camp programs with entertainment.
Grandpas Got Talent – annual intergenerational talent showcase with White Plains high schoolers.

No. Participation is voluntary.

Youth do not need to apply.

Applications for Grandpas are available at the Youth Bureau.

Application forms are not available online at this time.

THE WORD #4 - Official News letter for Grandpas UnitedTM  3

Grandpa's United Event

Growing White Plains

A community agriculture project through which volunteers from White Plains and surrounding communities grow vegetables and herbs to be donated to the Ecumenical Emergency Food Pantry and other organizations helping to meet the food needs of residents of the City in need. Participants also learn about organic gardening and share healthy outdoor activity with friends and family.

Program operates during the garden growing season, from February through November at two community garden sites, on the grounds of New York Presbyterian Hospital near the Bryant Ave. gate, and at the Bethel Community Garden, corner of Prospect St. and Sterling Ave. There is also a greenhouse located behind the Ebersole Ice Rink.

To participate, register as a member of Growing White Plains by filling out a brief registration form and adding your name and e-mail address to the distribution list so we can let you know when garden activities take place. Volunteers are free to visit or work in the garden at any time it is convenient for them.

There is no charge for participation in Growing White Plains

A willing hand and heart. Registration for the program by filling out a brief registration form

No. This is a volunteer program. Participation is voluntary.

 At this time applications for this program are available only at the Youth Bureau.

Register by calling the White Plains Youth Bureau: (914) 422-1378 to obtain a registration form and add your name and e-mail address to the program e-mail list.

Greening Project

Healthy & Fit for Life Program

This program offers 3 components: Boxing – for ages 12 – 21 Karate – for elementary grades Personal training – ages 10 – 21 (younger children need to be assessed by coach and Program Director).

Free counseling is available for ages 6-21 and families.

Open Gym available Monday – Friday.

Personal Training: Mon/ Tues / Wed/ Thursday 3:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Boxing: Mon/ Tues / Wed/ Thursday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
*Karate: (BEGINNERS) Wednesday and Friday  4:00 – 5:00; 
(ADVANCED) Wednesday and Friday  5:00 – 6:00; 

*Karate is taught by the BUSHIDO SCHOOL OF KARATE 

This program is FREE. Students are responsible for supplying personal equipment such as shin guards, mouth guards etc – and uniforms – list will be provided

No. Participation is voluntary.

Applications are available at the Youth Bureau or downloaded from this page.

Complete registration form signed by parent (parent signature required for youth under 18 years only). Students 18 and older must present a valid ID. 

Healthy & Fit for Life

Youth Employment Services

The Youth Employment Program provides youth ages 12 through 24 with opportunities to learn about the world of work through job training, life-skills development programs and full and part-time employment.

Job Fairs

Workforce Development Academy for Youth (WDAY)

In partnership with the Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board, the WDAY Program (City of White Plains Youth Bureau) has offered personal, educational, and professional services to eligible youth 16-24 years of age since 2004. The professional services are guided by the federal legislative orders inherent in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. (WIOA) WIOA is landmark legislation that is designed to strengthen the workforce system which includes our rising young professionals.

WDAY career services are based solely on the Youth’s unique individual career goals and objectives. We work closely with our young adults to design and implement life strategies that lead to success. We take pride in providing genuine support as they work to launch their individual careers to advance and achieve financial independence.

This program runs year-round, Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

1. 16- 24 years of age 2. Out of School 3. Completion of the ES-100 Application 4. An Intake and Eligibility Assessment is conducted 5. Must be a US Citizen or approved to work 4. Current NY Photo ID and Social Security Card required.

  1. The WDAY Program provides Workforce and Professional Development support by means of Employment and Paid Internships in their career field sector. Salaries may vary.
  2. Financial Support and Achievement Rewards – Program participants qualify for Full Tuition Grants in pursuit of Certificate Training and financial incentives are offered to participating members that complete certificate training ($150) and secure employment ($200.00)

Please contact Hilary Blackman at 914 995-1985 or – applications may be obtained in person by appointment only.

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