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These dishes were so tasty that I returned several days later to bring some home. The consistency was evident and they tasted every bit as good at home. ……. Each dish at Calcutta Wrap & Roll reminds me of the children’s story where nothing is too hot, too bland but just right.
Calcutta Wrap & Roll wins BEST OF WESTCHESTER 2012!
All in all Calcutta Wrap and Roll has quickly worked its way into our short list of go to places when we’re deciding our dining out choices.
Calcutta Wrap & Roll: Ardsley’s Affordable Indian Café … best “Cheap Eats” in Westchester County
If you don’t like Indian food, try this place. It’s not like traditional Indian food or maybe it is and I’ve just been eating Americanized Indian food. All I’m saying is this place is delicious and I can’t rave enough about it!
Best Westchester Bargain Restaurants and Eateries According to Urbanspoon.com.
Bhattacharya explained that the term ‘curry,’ which for many casual eaters typifies Indian cooking, is not necessarily embraced by Indians. ‘If you asked my grandmother to cook curry, she’ll say she doesn’t cook British food,’ he said.
The first thing that struck me about the food was that the flavors were clear and pure and there was no sparing of the very finely chopped Serrano chillies that were generously used in the rolls.
The food had the warmth and heartiness of home cooked fare and the price was very affordable.
I don’t want just another Indian restaurant,” Bhattacharya said. “What I would like to have is a different kind, something that I eat at home. We started on the premise that what we eat at home and what we eat in the restaurants are two different things.
Of kathi rolls, we loved a fat, foil-wrapped Calcutta chicken roll ($5), which featured chili-studded chicken chunks, fresh herbs, and crisp red onion slices rolled in tender, warm, griddle-fried paratha bread.
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