50 Faces

Sharisse Stancil-Ashford

Sharisse “She-Salt” Stancil-Ashford is a Singer, Songwriter, Poet/MC, Activist and Music Industry Professional from White Plains, NY. Growing up, Sharisse was involved in many programs offered by the Youth Bureau, including the Youth Employment Program and the Afterschool Connection Program, as a student and youth assistant. Currently, Sharisse is the Associate Director of Urban Promotion […]

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Byron Smalls

Byron started attending events sponsored at the Youth Bureau Teen Lounges as early as in his elementary school days. By the time he was in middle school he started his first job through Youth Employment continuing his relationship with the Youth Bureau through high school and undergrad. After receiving degrees from Norfolk State and SUNY

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Diana Sigona

Diana Sigona was a White Plains resident her entire life, before moving to Sydney, Australia in 2016. During high school, she was a member of the Mayors Youth Council for 4 years. Getting involved in the community was important, after seeing her older brother Matthew lead the way. One of the draws of joining the

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Lonnie V. Sanders

I was born and raised in White Plains, New York. I was fortunate enough to live close the Youth Bureau.This allowed me to spend my out of school time enjoying the various teen activities. Many of the staff guided my steps as a young boy. Among the Youth Bureau staff that was influential to me

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Junior Sainvil

Junior Sainvil was born in Haiti. He moved to the United States at a young age, with his 3 siblings and his mother, to join his father who petitioned for them. When Junior migrated from Haiti, he attended White Plains Middle School (Highlands) and later graduated from White Plains High School in 2006. At the

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Judeson Saintil

Judeson Saintil was born in Haiti and migrated to the United States at the age of 8 years old. He attended White Plains schools and went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at SUNY Old Westbury. Judeson attributes much of his success to the great leadership in the White Plains community. Particularly,

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Keryn Rose

Keryn was born and raised in White Plains and was an active member of the Youth Bureau throughout her high school years. Driven by her aspirations to promote social justice regarding issues of race, diversity and inclusion, she attended the University of Maryland, College Park and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in African American

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Marvin Rock

The White Plains Youth Bureau and Mr. Frank Williams have meant so much to Marvin personally growing up in White Plains. The first time he recognized the true importance of the White Plains Youth Bureau was between sixth and seventh grade: he remembered a group of rambunctious sixth graders pilling into the Youth Bureau van,

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Jason Alan Roberts Sr.

Jason Alan Roberts Sr. has dedicated his life to serving, inspiring and working to ensure that students from all walks of life reach their potential to be leaders in the 21st century. Born into a family of educators, a commitment to academic excellence was instilled into him from a young age. Mr. Roberts currently serves

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